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Sagittarius people favorite word is "fun" anywhere they hang their hat is home. They can be comfortable anywhere. They generally do not suffer from stress-related problems. Bold, dashing and spirited. They like to be free as the wind that blows, quite uncaring of the effect them may have on their surroundings. They could not care less and hate being in an atmosphere that is physically or emotionally claustrophobic. They love challenges and are too full of energy to sit still. Although them see theirself more as a sportsperson than an intellectual, them secretly enjoy reading, writing, and exploring subjects unknown to them. They are quite popular, albeit a bit unconventional and are loyal to their friends. They are often driven by excitement and can be a bit ungainly when in this state; sweeping gestures tend to send things flying. They are sometimes insecure and edgy. They tend to doubt their decisions and judgement. The advice is - trust their instinct. Avoid going by what people tell them if them want to succeed in their work.

Autumn colours like yellow, bright orange and rust browns, turquoise and a splash of purple are colours that will bring them good luck. Their lucky stone is turquoise. They are lucky with number 3. Jupiter is their ruler and their element is fire. They will do well in most occupations that require them to be outdoors. They make good sporting people. They will also succeed as teachers, lawyers, and politicians. Business and banking too are good for them. If them find their work tedious, it is simply a signal for them change to something more exciting. Jupiter, the symbol of good fortune, riches, and status, rules them. Although them will achieve most of this, it will be rather late in life. In fact, up to the age of 30, them are likely to suffer financial setbacks, mostly because of their tendency to be rash. However, them learn well from their mistakes and these monetary setbacks are not going to upset them too much. In fact, even when them are well settled financially, them will not particularly crave for landed property and assets.

Although affectionate and loving, Sagittarius people are not apt to be too demonstrative. Not much cuddling, showering of gifts, or saying it with roses - something that may be misconstrued as lack of warmth. However, them will make it exciting enough for their beloved. Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, horse riding, going to exotic destinations... all this them will do with their partner. Besides fellow Sagittarians, them will find ideal life partners in Aries and Leo, being closer to their temperament than any other zodiac sign, only they will be able to share their excitement. Marriage with someone who is not able to keep up with their pace may be a failure, so make sure the person cuddling up tight in their roller coaster life is screaming in fun and not fear. They are a loving and playful person and though them are not prepared for children, them make a good parent; them use their enormous patience while dealing with them, giving them the respect they deserve. They are a risk-taker and are often attracted to danger. They should exercise caution as their family depends on them. Sagittarian homes have a distinct mark of their personality. Simply lifting ideas from elsewhere will not do for them -- they like to be a little different.

Sagittarius people are fun loving, carefree individuals who live life to the fullest. As a result, they generally do not suffer from stress-related problems. However, most Sagittarians tend to take everything very casually, including their health. They rarely, if ever, visit a doctor, because they seldom require to. Sagittarius people are the most daring and audacious of all the signs of the zodiac. They are always ready to try-out a new sport or adventure. The only problem is that Sagittarius people are prone to minor strains, sprains and injuries. They will have to learn to take it easy and learn to do warm up's etc before putting their body through heavy exercises. Also, give theirself enough time to heal before embarking on any new escapades. A good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products should keep them on an even keel, with the occasional time out to rest and relax. A good complexion, shining eyes and a prominent nose are their distinctive features. Some of them may, however, suffer from nervous disorders. Sagittarius rules the motor functions and the lower limbs that in some cases may be vulnerable to injury.

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